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  • Cens.com Universal Air Compressor ALL FIRST CORP.

  • Universal Air Compressor

    Serial: UC500; Features:  2 Peak HP, 0.8HP Running  Oil-less pump for no maintenance  135PSI pressure for longer tool run time  Higher 120psi cut-....more
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  • Cens.com Shaft Products LEEART INDUSTRY CO., LTD.

  • Shaft Products

    Serial: 0003; We produce more than 30 shafts for power tools, pneumatic tools and specific machines. We’re a professional shaft OEM factory. We can produ....more
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  • Cens.com Air Compressor DING HWA CO., LTD.

  • Air Compressor

    Serial: AC-27; ‧Motor: 1/8 HP AC ‧Airflow: 12~13 lpm ‧Max. Pressure: 50psi ‧Weight: 2.9kgs / 6.4 lbs ‧Size: L16 x W15 x H18 cm ‧Equipped with Pressur....more
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    DING HWA CO., LTD. Cens.com Global Pass

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