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High chrome Stainless Steel Ball
High chrome Stainless Steel Ball

Detail Specifications / Descriptions

High chrome stainless steel ball : The composition of chrome in this stainless steel is greater than20%. After cold quenching, it has higher corrosion resistance than high chromenicdel stainless steel. This feature can be applied to the manufacturing of ball bearings and valves. As for the 140C stainless steel ball used in small bearing, under the various developing technologies on computers and watches, the applications of small bearings are increasing rapidly.440C stainless steel, replacing high carbon chrome alloy, is used to manufacture the high corrosion resistant small bearing. Further research works involve the high precision, long endurance and the surface quality of the stainless steel bass for small bearings.
This chrome steel bass is designed to provide the characteristic and hardness of stainless steel. They are always used in the hardening conditions and some situations similar to tool steel. After compressed, it will have more stable structure and harder hardness. The major feature of this material is its high hardness. It has permanent magnetic. It cannot cut by machines owing to its hardness, all the raw material is produced in pure state, and thus no chemical reaction will be generated.

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