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Manual spray gun
Manual spray gun

Model:LG-110 Country of Origin:Taiwan

Detail Specifications / Descriptions

Product Details
•Low air pressure, high flow, inside pressure of CAP less than 0.7kg/cm2(10psi)
•Large Pattern width, Tiny atomized particle, well-distributed, fast speed of paint flow, stable, high viscosity
•Low weight, easy control of trigger. Ergonomically designed handle makes it more relaxing in long operation
•Special spray cap design. Easy maintenance
•Nozzle and thimble made by SUS303 stainless material, water paint available
•Thimbles are made up of Teflon obturating ring. Solvent, acid and alkali resistant

Type of feed: Press / Gravity
Nozzle orifice Ømm(in): 1.2(0.047) / 1.2(0.047)
Applicable spray cap: LV4
Pressure MPa (bar/PSI):0.19(2.0/29)
Fluid output ml/min: 120 / 140
Air consumption 1/min (cfm): 235(8.3)
Pattern width mm(in): 320(12.6) / 220(8.7)
Weight g(lbs): 290 (0.64)

Product Remarks
Spray distance:200mm Paint viscosity:9sec/NK-2 Fluid nipple:1/4PF Air nipple:1/4PF

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