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Dedicated Aluminum-alloy Wheel Processor
Dedicated Aluminum-alloy Wheel Processor

Model:FBL-300 W 17/20 / FBL-360 W 22/24

Detail Specifications / Descriptions

* Large, box guide-way and high-load model to efficiently handle low-speed, heavy-duty lathing of large-diameter parts
* The latest FANUC Oi control system with standard colored LCD screen for high-speed resolution to ensure excellent operation and processing
* High-rigidity square (box) guide-way with specially scraped surfaces and precision oil channeling for optimal activation
* 45° slant-back and uni-block box structure with low center of gravity for high stability
* Tool measurement system: Automatic and manual
* High-rigidity spindle system: Modular spindle and socket-type support bearing that is more precise and durable than box-type counterparts
* Heavy-duty hydraulic turret and sturdy interior mechanical parts to ensure high-load machining, high functionality
* 12-tool turret optional
* High-torque spindle drive system: German ZF two-stage planetary gear transmission to achieve full torque of spindle even at low, 250rpm speed to achieve high-torque lathing.
* FBL-360/L uses imported, high-strength serrated belt for precise, non-slip torque transmission; exterior-mounted transmission mechanism of low noise, minimal heat transfer, excellent cooling is easy to maintain and adjust.
* High-rigidity tailstock for excellent vibration resistance
* PLC for Z-axis saddle to automatically control displacement of tailstock (optional for FBL-300)
* Revolving spindle optional to raise load capacity

Dedicated Aluminum-alloy Wheel Processor
Company: FOCUS CNC CO., LTD.

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