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Bi Metal Self Drilling Screw, Bi Metal window Screw
Bi Metal Self Drilling Screw, Bi Metal window Screw

Model:Bi Metal Screw - self drilling screw, window screw Country of Origin:Taiwan Material:Stainless Steel + Alloy Steel

Detail Specifications / Descriptions

Corrosion is one major failure of the metal construction industries and in order to avoid the corrosion, we produce the bi metal screws to solve this problem.

Bi metal screws is made of two materials : the head and thread parts is made of 300 series stainless steel to protect the corrosion, and the leading thread and drilling point is made of alloy steel to penetrate the work parts.

Bi metal screws apply to metal buildings, marine products, screen structures, windows, skylights and wall panel.

Advantage of the bi metal self drilling screws:
 Drilling, threading and fastening in one step.
 Connect components in one step.
 Save the construction time.
 Drill through up to 1/2” (12mm) thick steel.
 Resists weather and atmospheric corrosion.

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