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Specialized in broadcast Lighting‧CV 600 Handheld Spectrometer
Specialized in broadcast Lighting‧CV 600 Handheld Spectrometer

Model:CV600 Spectral Color Meter Country of Origin:Taiwan Material:ABS Color:Silver

Detail Specifications / Descriptions

CV600 Spectral Color Meter Features:
1.Light source measuring parameters are more than 30 units, users can customize the measuring list depending on their needs.
2.White Balance mode-Assist users to choose the suitable filter type as well as save post-production cost.
3.Exposure Mode-Built-in perfect exposure triangle which includes Shutter Speed, Aperture and ISO.
4.Flicker Free Mode- Supervises the changes of light source and camera frequency (FPS) on-site. Provides a Flicker Free shouting environment.
5.Embedded TLCI (Television Lighting Consistency Index) function.

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