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Keyring Locator SB20
Keyring Locator SB20

Model:iReminder SB20

Detail Specifications / Descriptions

An electronic leash that will sound an alarm when your iOS/Android devices leaves your vicinity. You can also use your iOS/Android devices to find the lost iReminder thanks to the duplex communication protocol. A handy app called iStuffFinder, will show on Apple or Google Map the last time the iReminder and phone were connected. As a remote shutter release for self-portraits or to prevent blur by shaking camera. The app can control the alarm threshold distance, set the iReminder to start beeping when a call is incoming, and switch the proximity alarm on/off. The app use with multiple iReminder units and includes all of the mentioned features. Simple to use interface allows you to re-name each tag attached to your valuables, such as Keys, Wallet, etc. A brilliant little device that could save you a lot of trouble.

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