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Hex Head Cap Screws - Hex Bolts

Hex Head Cap Screws - Hex Bolts

Detail Specifications / Descriptions

Hexagon head cap screws and bolts are used widely. The hexagon head is designed for easy usage, and it performs well in balance between force application and reception. The external appearance of these products is to match and to be used together with the internal parts, for example, nuts, and then to fasten the components.
There are two major thread designs, the course thread (UNC) and the fine thread (UNF), and the course thread part is more commonly used in general. On the other hand, the UNF parts performs good in self-locking, and they are mainly adopted in fastening components which are thicker or harder.

304/316 英制六角頭螺絲/螺栓
Diamter: 1/ 4" - 1" x Length: up to 12"

A2/A4 DIN933/931
Diamter: M6 - M24 x Length: up to 300mm

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