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High Speed Automatic Needle Loom
High Speed Automatic Needle Loom

Detail Specifications / Descriptions

For knitting elastic bands, knapsack straps, seat belts, PP belts, heavy-duty straps,hollow-core strings, shoestrings, zipper tapes, bra straps, ribbons, military straps and others.

Product's width: 7~70mm

(1) A logic design with high speed and high productivity enable to manufacture various narrow fabrics.
(2) Streamlined shape and sophisticated elements contribute to perfect performance of high-speed running, durability and low depreciation.
(3) High precision weaving heads design for easy adjustment and high quality control.
(4) Stable and accurate output and belt transmission ensure high quality and without damaging the woven tape.
(5) Creative design of the beam creel save space, easy for assembly, excellent matching with main body of the machine.
(6) Auto recycling lubrication system enables 24-hour running and free of noise.


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