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IP67 / IP20 SMD 3528 LED Flexible Light Strip
IP67 / IP20 SMD 3528 LED Flexible Light Strip

Country of Origin:Taiwan

Detail Specifications / Descriptions

1. Made with 100% pure copper to support fine and stable quality.
2. Continuous FPCB without any joints for at least 50 meters.
3. Customized FPCB color is available to protrude lighting effect, and to integrate illuminant with interior design element cleverly as well.
4. Integrated Anti UV & Flame resistant ingredients to be able to bear with severe environment without quality deterioration.
5. DC12V low voltage for safety and reliability.
6. Recyclable material, RoHS compliant.
7. Free from lead, mercury or other hazardous materials.
8. Warranty 2 year.

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