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Kitchen Shelf
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Country of Origin:Taiwan Color:Light wood

Detail Specifications / Descriptions

╠═╬═╬═╬═╬═╬═╬═╬═╬ Features ╠═╬═╬═╬═╬═╬═╬═╬═╬
• Five layers (Top board, fixing board, sliding board, steel wire basket and punch hole plate can store various sizes of kitchen appliances.)
• The safety based arc edge design of the front end sides of the wood board avoid acute angle and bumps.
• Items falling prevention design on both sides of kitchen shelf. At the same time, it also can be used as hanging. You can use S hook to hang small appliances such as cutting knives and rag, etc.
• Hand take out design at the bottom of slide board makes opening and closing more convenient
• Crosspiece design at the end side of sliding board prevents kitchen appliances falling down.
• Exclusive socket setting allows you to cook food directly without sharing power with other appliances
• Water-proof surface
• Sliding broad with anti-skid design
• Steel basket has slipping prevention design

╠═╬═╬═╬═╬═╬═╬═╬ Specification ╠═╬═╬═╬═╬═╬═╬═╬
• Size: L 48 cm x W 40 cm x H 142 cm
• Wood: 15 mm Thick Chipboard / SMT wood PVC
• Socket: voltage 110 V / 50 & 60 HZ / maximum power consumption 1500W
• Wheels: diameter 50mm, four wheels including two wheels with brake function
• Steel pipes: 25 x25 mm horn iron tube plating
• Steel wire basket: Plating
• Color: Light wood

Kitchen Shelf
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