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Model:MA & AC-SW & AC-MR Country of Origin:Taiwan

Detail Specifications / Descriptions

1.Adjustable Armrest (Adjustable Armrest): at any time by the driver's hand position and adjust the angle, to reduce the long-distance driving elbow tired feeling.

2.360 degree Swivel Plate (Swivel Plate): for MPV, camping vehicles, commercial vehicles, cruise ships and other related vehicles and other industrial requirements, to provide multi-stage angle adjustment, to be able to undertake a small amount of special size specifications. Patent Number: M526969

3. Multi-position Seat Recliner: Multi-position angle adjustment and through the vehicle test center after the impact test

• Made in Taiwan
• Automobile factory standard specifications: flame retardant, anti-UV(color fastness),abrasion resistant
• Customized (according to the needs of the selection of leather, color)
• Multi-position Recliner
• Patent Number: M516525

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Company: TAI TSUN CO., LTD.

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