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Remote Lighting Switch
Remote Lighting Switch Hot

Model:ASM-CS0031 Country of Origin:China Material:ABS+PC fire retardant Color:White, Custom-made

Detail Specifications / Descriptions

Argo Smart’s simple remote lighting control series, which applies to not only LED lights but also other types of lighting, is compatible with original lighting configurations in a building. After replacing old control panels with Argo Smart’s products, users can easily remotely control the light switches with the firm’s remote lighting controller that features RF remote technology without being interrupted by obstacles or angles. The remote control function of this series can be enabled by Argo Smart’s remote lighting controller in conjunction with its wall panel controller. The wall panel controller is part of the simple light control series.

1. Ultra low power design, standby current: 220V 25uA (less than 0.015W).
2. Working voltage: AC85~265V (50/60Hz).
3, working frequency: 315 MHZ 433 MHZ
4, remote control distance: standard configuration of 50 meters open (optional with any of the company's remote control).
5. Standard external size: touch 86*86*35mm.
6. Rated total power: every 2500W.
7. Ambient temperature - 20 to 80 degrees centigrade
8. Sensitivity -105dB

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