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Lighting Remote Controller
Lighting Remote Controller Hot

Model:ASM-CR0131 Country of Origin:China Material:Plastic

Detail Specifications / Descriptions

The remote controller is suitable for all products in the simple remote control series. This series of products and remote control need not be purchased at same time. The users can be selected freely, upgraded and added at will, and the remote controller has no directional restriction. A partition can also work. Make use more conveniently.

1, the emission frequency: 315 MHZ 433 MHZ 2.4G.
2, remote control distance: standard configuration of 50 meters open (optional series of any one of the products).
3, sensitivity -105dB.
4, the mode of modulation: GFSK.
5, remote control battery 23A12V.
6, shell material: ABS.
7, process: UV light oil, wood grain.

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