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Decompression Brake Caster
Decompression Brake Caster Hot

Model:P50H-M38BL Country of Origin:Taiwan Material:Composite flex plastic. Color:Black wheels with tread in blue.

Detail Specifications / Descriptions

P50H-M38BL Decompression Brake Caster
Materials: Composite flex plastic
Specification: 50 mm diameter with hood and 38 mm top-cup.
Features: When the sitter leaves the chair seat, the casters will brake automatically. It can avoid falling down from the chair for not attending the chair slipping away. Suitable for office chairs and executive chair.
We use unique composite materials to make the inner wheel with outer tread fuse together. We aim at the consumer market that pursuit better quality or increase texture in seating and furniture to make our casters as the best alternatives. We innovated the wheel with flexible thin-type tread in one-piece with special features as follows.
A. Non-scratching floor,
B. Temp-resistant
C. Flexibly sturdy
D. Wear-resistant
E. Non-flaking off,


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