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Water Purifier
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Country of Origin:Taiwan

Detail Specifications / Descriptions

The seven filter tubes in the machine are equipped with DuPont PPF 1 micron filter core from Germany, coconut shell compressed activated carbon + KDF filter element, Quan automatic element generator, German Bayer cation exchange resin, high-tech hollow fiber membrane UF membrane. UF membrane, also known as ultrafiltration membrane, retains particles with a diameter between 0.1 and 0.01 μm, allowing small molecules and dissolved solids (inorganic salts) to pass, while retaining colloids, proteins, microorganisms and large molecular organics. The filtering effect is good.

It has a unique double-outlet faucet on the market, which is quite easy to use and can distinguish the use function of outflow. One outflow hole is used for household purposes such as vegetable washing and rice washing, and the other outflow hole can be used for direct drinking. It has strong water penetration, making tea or coffee with it will remove the bitterness and taste delicious.

Water Purifier
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