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Auto Cutting & Sewing Machine
Auto Cutting & Sewing Machine

Model:HY/SP-150L & HY/5P-150H

Detail Specifications / Descriptions

The HY/SP-150L has got two models one is 24-30 bags/min and other one is equipped with servo motor and the output is 25-32 bags/min.

This machine is belt type bag canveyoring system and equipped with auto open mouth, single bottom folder, Auto bag counting system and Japanese brand sewing machine " New Long " DN-2HS.

The HY/SP-150H is the most update & precision model woven bag Conversion Line and the output is 30-42 bags/min. This machine is clip type bag conveyoring system and equipped with anto open mouth device, crank type non-stop cutter, sewing thread Breaking Alarm and Japanese brand sewing machine : New Long -DKN - 3BP.

The EPC, Mark Reading Sensor, gusseting, micro perforation, cold cutter, double folder, double stitch and Union Special sewing unit are able to meet special requirement.

The controlling system of this machine is by Human Machinery Interface, two Inverter motors and servo motor.


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