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Waste Material Recycling Machine For Vacuum Forming Products
Waste Material Recycling Machine For Vacuum Forming Products


Detail Specifications / Descriptions

The machine is equipped with two openings. The front opening is online operated with molding machine. The back opening is used for accepting waste material.
The material infeed employs take-up roller with speed adjustable combined with buffering dancing rod.
When applying a material extractor and cyclone separator, the crushed materials can be immediately recycled and packed.
Designed for recycling various vacuum forming wasted, such as PP, PS, GPS, HIPS, OPS...etc.
Doors are equipped at four sides of soundproofing chamber, providing convenient inferior cleaning and knife adjustment.
The material loader is elevated by pneumatic cylinders for fast and convenient knife replacement, maintenance and cleaning.
The soundproofing chamber is equipped with fan for air circulating efficiently, that reduced inside temperature.
Emergency stop switch on the control box, combined with safety device on doors for comprehensive safety protection.


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