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FR-747 Freon Recycler
FR-747 Freon Recycler

Model:FR-747 Country of Origin:Taiwan

Detail Specifications / Descriptions

Compressor:1 HP
Vacuum:1/2 HP
High-Low Pressure Gauge:one unit
Size:L70 X W61 X H112 (cm)
Weight:96 kg
Liquid Storage Tank:11 kg (Galvanized iron material)
Applicable Refrigerant:R-12, R-134a or R-22
(Welcome to order other types of refrigerants)
Application:Bus maintenance,
Middle and small size air condition repair


1.Recovering, replenishing, recycling, cleaning, vacuum extracting, and leaking detecting – six units in one.
2.Gaseous and liquefied refrigerant recoverable.
3.By hand/automatic air and exhaust equipment.
4.During recycle process that impurity, vapor, oil air, acid material can be separated and exhausted. It can exhaust air automatically.
5.Liquid Tank is provided with Liquid Level Gauge which contains level buoy to clearly view the remained, recovered and replenished volume of refrigerant.
6.Automatic oil return device to protect the compressor operation without loss of oil damage.
7.Installs three minutes engines off protective device, avoids recycler’s engine off immediately opening machine.
8.Once the recycle process is finished, machine will stop, unload, -------- automatically.
9.Recycling system is specially designed with the latest refrigerant distilling technology in providing much purer refrigerant quality.
10.The equipment high-quality ball valve switch, firm is durable, airtight.
11.Liquid Tank, Oil Separator and Heat Exchanger are made of galvanized iron material to guarantee rust-free and longer life of Recovering Machine.
12.installation of automatic compressor cooling device, can be used to protect the compressor operation without overheating damage even for a long time using.

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