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Auto Cut Off Saw For Metal Material
Auto Cut Off Saw For Metal Material

Model:ACOS-65 / ACOS-100 / ACOS-150

Detail Specifications / Descriptions

1) 5times Faster Than Cutting With Hss Blades
2)Suitable For Most Steels, Alloy Structure And Stainless Steel (Ss,Sc,Sus)
3)Using Thin Blade (Only 2.5mm) To Reduce The Waste Of Material And By Very Lower Power Cinsumption
4)Rigid Construction With Anti-Vibration Device To Ensure Smooth, High-Speed Cutting & Long Blade Life
5) With Standard For Clean Cutting & Cool Cut-Off Parts
6)Nc Servo Control For Precise Bar Feed & Efficient Cutting Feed Rate
7)Simple To Easy Control And Supervision Of All Operation And Meanwhile To Displa The Break-Down For Easy Maintenance


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