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Table Shields
Table Shields

Model:VS - P1507 - 4

Detail Specifications / Descriptions

Style characteristics : product densign has been declareed the international patent, structural stability, Fashion models, Perfect function. It mainly uses 50 * 50 vertical and horizonta column to connect. Under table can be left vacant, the partition on table is 22 mm thickness. you can use steel sheet to obstruct under the table. Board material : 18 mm melamine board or particleboard. lineslot : 40 mm thickness, double-sharing, have separated lineslot to separating between strong / weak current wires, horizontal and vertical wiring functions. diameter of line hole is 70 mm * 20mm. Above table you can deploy stationery-trough, undertable you can deploy decorating baseboard. The maximum height of the partition is proposed for 2. 5 M. Aluminum material is made by Guangdong Fenglv aluminum co,.ltd which is the best one in China, top-ranking surface finish, Aluminum material is high intensity, excellent quality and stability,. According to request of various parts, aluminum thickness is from 1. 2 to 4 mm. Melamine boards is offer by standard company. Fabric is offer by Taiwan YIDA fabrics company. Unique connection structure, the installation is more simple and convenient. V5 conference table,manager desk is simple and fashionable, It is design for export to Europe and USA. is the main export products in 2008.

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