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Inverter ARC Plasma Cutting Machine
Inverter ARC Plasma Cutting Machine

Model:CUT-40 Country of Origin:Taiwan

Detail Specifications / Descriptions

Function and feature
* High frequency inverter, high duty cycle, low energy consumption.
* Compact, light weight and easy to carry, suitable for outdoor movable operation.
* High cutting speed, norrow cutting gap, smooth cutting surface, less distortion.
* Digital electric current disply adjustable and exact cutting current.
* Protective electric circuit built-in to prevent over heat, over current, over voltage or under voltage etc.

* High cutting power, up to 8mm
* With ARC maintenance device, applicable to automatic cutting equipment
* Touch and untouched ARC initiation
* Stable ARC, long working time

Main technical parameters :
* Input Voltage/Frequency: 220V±10% 1Ph 50/60HZ
* Rate input power capacity (KVA): 3.4
* Output current range (A): 20~40
* Rate output voltage (V): 92
* O.C.V (V): 230
* Duty cycle (%): 60
* Efficency (%): 85
* Weight (kg): 9
* Overall dimension (mm): 371x153x232
* Exhaust (m/min): 4
* Pilot arc: no
* Max.cutting thickness (mm): 8.0

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