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Gear Wheel

Gear Wheel

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Win Tec is an OEM gears manufacturer specialized in the gear industries for 20 years around.
Almost our products is according to customers’ drawings with quality detail description.
--Gear hob range: module: M0.2~M6
--Working capacity: Max. diameter 320mm(D) Max. Length: 420mm
--Gear accuracy class: JIS2~5 class
--Standard hob tool pressure: 20
--Option hob tool: 14.5,30,45…optional
1. Forging parts, die cast parts
2. Bronze die casting: ALBC, PBC2, BC
3. Aluminum die casting:1160 2024ASTM
4. Power metallurgy:
5. Free cutting steel: S45C(1045) carbon steel, S45C(1144), SCM440(4140) , SCM415(4118), SNCM439(4340), SNCM220(8620), S17C, S20C, 1215, 1214, SCM420, SCR415H,S50C
6. Stainless steel: SUS304, SUS316, SUS410, SUS403, SUS303, SUS416
7. Copper, injected bronze,
8. Reinforced plastic: Nylon 66, POM, Derlin
9. Aluminum alloyed: 6061T6, 7075T6
10. Alum. Die cast parts

--Heat treatments: case hardness,High-frequency heat treatment, carburized , Nitride, tuff nitride hardeness
--Surface coat: Zinc plate, oil prevent, anodize, black oxide coating

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