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Neon Flex (Any View)
Neon Flex (Any View)

Country of Origin:China

Detail Specifications / Descriptions

Neon Flex (Any View) is uniquely engineered to project light in 360 degrees to perfectly emulate glass neon’s lighting effects both from a point source viewing perspective and a back glow effect. This Makes LED Neon Flex (Any View) a perfect replacement for glass neon in both linear and signage applications. The engineering feat and the process to manufacture LED Neon Flex (Any View) surely can be considered a CORE technology and we refer to this technology as Radial Core Technology or RCTtm.

* LED High ENERGY Savings
* LED Extra Long Life (up to 100,000 hours)
* Low Voltage Safe
* Contains No Mercury (Green Technology)
* 360-Degree Radial Illumination
* Flexible
* Virtually Indestructible
* UV Resistant

LED Neon Flex (Any View)
* Designed for Direct replacement of Glass Neon
* Bright as Glass Neon
* Will not shatter like Glass Neon
* Easy and safe to transport unlike Glass Neon
* Requires no special tools or training to bend into complex shapes
* Perfect for replacement or new construction
* Smooth consistent 360-degree illumination
* Available in a wide variety of colors
* Requires no transformers and does not operate on unsafe high voltage ballasts
* Mounts and adapts to existing glass neon isolators

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Contact Person: Keith Lim (Deputy GM)
Zhang Lei (Assistant)

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