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DDR Tubular Ceramic, Fixed-Type Wire-Wound Resistor
DDR Tubular Ceramic, Fixed-Type Wire-Wound Resistor

Model:DDR TYPE 10W-1300W Country of Origin:Taiwan Material:ceramic Color:GREEN

Detail Specifications / Descriptions

Non-Flammable Wire-Wound Power Resistor in your exact specifications.

A tubular ceramic resistor has two terminals, and is wound with copper wire or chromium alloy wire to provide the resistance and then coated with a high temperature, non-flammable resin.
After the semi-finished resistor is cool and dry, insulation is applied through a high-temperature process and the mounts are attached.
Since the winding is excellent, many taps can be added, impedance is low and the shape can be altered to produce many types of resistors.
These resistors are suitable for educational modeling applications, load testing, industrial machinery, electric power distribution, instruments, automation control installations, etc. For custom specifications, please contact us to discuss the details.


DR Resistor Series
Non-Flammable Wire-Wound Power Resistors

DDR Tubular Ceramic, Fixed-Type Wire-Wound Resistor
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