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Offset Printing Machines
Offset Printing Machines


Detail Specifications / Descriptions

-Constructed with reinforced materials, this machine has a high-precision safety structure and attractive appearance, providing meticulous printing and ensuring extended operating life.
-Easy operation, fast and accurate printing.
-Innovative lifting-type ink trough is easy to clean. Zero-adjustment screws allow for precise ink-volume adjustment and ensure that the inking blade has a prolonged operating life.
-Innovative, modified design allow the second and the third inking rollers of the full set of four to be easily installed and dismantled without taking the middle iron roller (brass roller) apart.
-The structure of the moistening device and the main machine wall are one-piece formed, ensuring stable performance. The independent variable-speed motor can be freely adjusted to achieve balance between water and ink.
-Enhanced-safety scraper rack for removing dirt left on the plate.
-The feeding and withdrawarl of the printing cylinder as well as the movement of the inking roller are all pneumatically controlled, saving greatly on labor.
-The paper surfaces will not be scratched while chain claws are transferred during printing, greatly enhancing printing quality. Handling both thin and thick paper printing, this model is the best choice for high-profit making in the industry.


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