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Automatic Bandsaw
Automatic Bandsaw

Model:CB-550HA Country of Origin:Taiwan

Detail Specifications / Descriptions

Parallel downfeed with horizontal saw blade arrangement ensures precise and chatter-free heavy cutting operation.

Full stroke hydraulic operated vices eliminates manual vice setting.

Hydraulic blade tensioning and blade guide setting.
Unique acceleration and deceleration design in stock feed system ensures accurate stock feed length even with heavy load.

Cutting data indication for maximum operation efficiency.

Selective feed carriage rest position, either at front position for maximum stock clamping or at rear position for maximum efficiency.

Adaptive cutting feed control automatically adjusts the head descend speed according to cutting resistance.

Maximum stock feed length up to 4500mm (with 9 times multiple feed).

Adopt PLC programmable controller for easy maintenance.

Automatic shut-off when blade slips, blade breaks, out of stock and cut pieces reached preset number.

Centralized control panel for easy access of cutting control.

Cutting height is set automatically by rapid approach sensing rod for maximum efficiency.

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