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Fast and Accurate Cut-off Operation
Fast and Accurate Cut-off Operation

Model:CB-400A Country of Origin:Taiwan

Detail Specifications / Descriptions

Unique acceleration and deceleration design in stock feed system ensures accurate stock feed length even with heavy load.

Selective feed carriage rest position, either at the front for maximum clamping (bundle stock) or at the rear for optimum efficiency (single stock), results in better accuracy, efficiency and blade life.

Maximum stock feed length up to 4500 mm (with 9 times multiple feed).

Enlarged coolant tank for better cooling effect and chip filtration optimize the total performance.

Adopt PLC programmable controller for easy maintenance.

The blade and cutting conditions are constantly monitored by blade speed digital indicator and cutting load meter.

Digital read-out for feed length setting, accuracy within 0.2mm.

Cutting height is set automatically by rapid approach sensing rod for maximum efficiency.

Automatic shut-off when blade slips, blade breaks, out of stock and cut pieces reached preset number.

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