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8W GLS Dimmable LED Bulb Lamps lighting
8W GLS Dimmable LED Bulb Lamps lighting Hot

Model:PS2 60 Country of Origin:China Material:Diffused glass lens, Stamped aluminum Color:White/Silver

Detail Specifications / Descriptions

Features and Benefits 
Light source: 1 piece 6W Zenigata LED 
Long LED life: More than 30,000 hours 
60mm pear shape bulb 
Low heat, less than 60°C for 7W 
No UV or IR light radiation 
Instant “ON” to 100% brightness 
No mercury or other inorganic 
Highest luminous efficacy: up to 52lm/watt for white color 
Homogeneous flood illumination 
Stamped aluminum heatsink with excellent thermal efficiencies 
The 7W BriLED bulb is available in the following white color temperatures:
2600K – 3000K (Warm White)
4000K – 5000K (Natural White)
5000K – 6000K (Cool White) 
7W LED bulb can achieve directional light output equal to 60W incandescent bulb 
2 year limited warranty
Works with worldwide electrical systems (100/110 or 230V AC)

8W GLS Dimmable LED Bulb Lamps lighting
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