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Active Development Pursuing Excellence at Welldone
With the surging development of the telecommunications and communications industries in the 21st century,
Welldone possesses a positive power of action as it ventures into the fields of mobile power sources and
telecommunications value-added services. With the concerted efforts of all colleagues, Welldone has already
built a foundation stone in the industry. In 2002 the company completed the OTC process, and revenues and
profits have both displayed stable development. In terms of product technology, construction, and market
competitiveness, Welldone possesses a complete competitive advantage.

When it was first founded, Welldone was mainly an import-export trading company. In 1986, it won primary
battery dealership rights from Toshiba, Japan, to represent that company’s batteries. In 1992 it formally
became the exclusive agent for Toshiba batteries in the Taiwanese market. Then, in 2002, Welldone invested
in the related enterprise “Techcharm in Shanghai Ltd. Co.,” whose sole responsibility is sales integration
in the retail market. Based on our understanding of the battery market,

Welldone has set up an Electric Power Division, which ventures into the field of mobile phone battery pack
packing. In addition to the Taipei factory, Techcharm in Shanghai has been set up as a subsidiary company,
in order to enlarge production capacity and offer even more complete OEM and ODM manufacturing services
to major mobile phone manufacturers and distributors.

Following the arrival and surging development of Taiwan’s communications age, in order to expand services in Welldone’s niche market, we have set up a Telecommunications Division and have received two
telecommunications certifications. Our objectives are to sell value-added communications products,
telecommunication voice mail services, and platforms for cross-straits discount telephone calls and Internet
transactions, etc. Welldone is looking forward to becoming a little giant in the telecommunications field in the
“two coasts and three regions”—in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and China.

With continuous innovation, Welldone pursues excellence. Our company is committed to professionalism,
responsibility, service, and innovation, and Welldone will use its competitive advantage flexibly to enlarge and
develop its business territory.

We are headed towards the objective of becoming more international and professional, and in the
communications industry of the 21st century we seek to perceive trends and grasp opportunities before our


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