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Founded in 1995 in Taipei County, northern Taiwan, Flow Pro Corporation has been specializing in manufacturing and designing pumps and related products for more than a decade and mainly export to the U.S., Canada, and countries in Europe.

Along with its years of expertise in pumps, Flow Pro is proud of its capability to fill orders on the original equipment manufacturing (OEM) and original design manufacturing (ODM) basis, and offer one-stop services and a wide range of garden tools and pump-related products, including customized pumps, chargers, batteries, hoses, tubes, tanks, spray guns, fittings, and seals.

One of the company’s proudest items is the newly launched Model 555 Universal Spray Gun, which features reinforced fiber glass spray gun valve body, a fiber glass wand, and a viton seal, and multi-functions with a precision fan nozzle, a removable extension kit for the wand, sizeable hose barbs, and a stainless steel casing liquid- filled pressure gauge.

It is notable that the liquid pressure gauge makes the spray gun different from similar models, helping the user to check exactly how much chemical is left in the tank. Besides, the spray gun can be powered by a motor, batteries, or by compressor or manual hand pumping. To facilitate spraying, the spray gun is adaptable to any size of nozzle.


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