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Malgi Photoelecricity Appliance Co., Ltd.


Malgi Photoelectricity Appliance Co., Ltd. was founded in 1992,with a total investment of 1.3 million US dollars. lt is an export-oriented group company specialized in manufacturing glass
refleCtors, halogen lamps, energy saving lamps
and other lighting fixtures.
With years of continuous effortS, Malgi Lighting has owned three companies in Guangdong,
Guangxi and Guizhou in China. The total number of staff members reaches 2, 150, among which 38.7% are engineering technical persons,
technicians accounting for 2.4%,quality inspectors 8.5%, and skillful workers 41%, At
present, the company has a monthly output of 18million reflector moldings, 12 million coating reflectors and 4 million assembled lamps, with an overal yearly output value of 36 million US dollars.
With some internationaly famous lighting companies, like Philips, Osram, GE, Sylvania
and Eye, establishing long-term business relationship with us,our company enjoys a rapid
increase in export volume, In 1998, the total export value was six million US dollars in 1999,
it went up to over eight million US dollars; in 2000, it exeeded ten million US dollars, keeping
a continuousthe biggest manufacturer Of dichroic reflectors in China, and one of the largest facetories of the same line in both output and sales volume.
We always keep striCt to the code of ISO9001 quality control system, and adhere to the principle of mass production, scientific managment, low cost and good quality.
As China is getting into the World Trade Organization,we are fully confident that, our products low in cost and good in quality, will sell faster in both domestic market and overseas market.We are longing to establish long-term business relationship with customers.


All Kinds of Halogen Lamps & Reflectors

Company: Malgi Photoelecricity Appliance Co., Ltd.

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