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EMPEROR CHINA LIGHTING INDUSTRY is founded in 1996. We manufacture and provide indoor decoration lighting set with complete special facilities in the process from designing to manufacturing. Our objectives are to concentrate on new product development, improvement on the quality of our products and services from time to time and working with our clients on partner basis so as to win the contingency support from our clients by satisfying their needs and want in all facets.
Our highly qualified personnel and efficient communication among the employees guarantees that our products reach the highest possible standards. The co-operation between many innovative designers has given rise to a comprehensive range of lights in a wide variety of styles. This enable our customers to choose their lighting exactly according to their taste. Regardless of whether you are lighting purely for aesthetic reasons or lighting working space in a more practical fashion, the combination of our design and high quality surely gives you satisfactory which can prolong our win-win relationship.


Chandelier, Hanging Lamp, Table Lamp, Wall Lamp

Company: Transarea Ind. Ltd.

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