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DRAWLIN INDUSTY CO., LTD., established by Mr. Bill Cheng in 1995, is a world-class leader in international market and now growing into a total solution to self-drilling screws to fit separate industries. With 12-year experience in the field of Drill Point Die production, we are confident to provide you not only regular fasteners meeting IFI and DIN standard but also R&D consulting service, especially for drill-point dies and self-drilling screws.

Our sufficient capacity, 300-500 tons per month in Kunshan, China, with adequate facilities, 81 sets of machines in total, place us in a very competitive position. Characterized by consistent QC stability, faster insertion speed, and exclusive center-point design, our board-range screws in diameter from M2.9- M8 and length from 6.5- 200 mm give full satisfaction to our customers in Europe, America, and etc. Besides, Point Die up to No. 6 point is our major product.

Most importantly, we utilize advanced instruments such as Micro-Vu 3D and 3D CAD/ CAM to guarantee the most excellent quality products. We are your best partner of design and manufacture with the most professional ability to create and approach your new market niche.


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