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Lucky Light, founded in 1990, is a famous and professional manufacturer of optoelectronic products. In order to provide the best service, we cooperate with the business partners and the distributors to satisfy the demands of our customers. Lucky Light, has advanced production techniques and equipment, and a team of senior enigneers with lots of experiences. We manufactures the various LED products, which can be used in many fields, including full-color video screen, information board, traffic lights, automobile lighting, liquid crystal backlight, and special lighting.
  Lucky Light, also encourages the conception of “Environmental Protection”. We widely promote the LED products which can save 85% power comparing with the traditional incandescent lamp.
  The main products are as follows:
   • Through-hole LED LAMP
   • SMD LED ( Surface Mount Chip LED)
   • Numeric Display
   • Dot Matrix
   • Infrared emitting and receiving LED
   • LCD Backlight
   • LED Module combination
   • Ultral Bright LED LAMP
   • High Power LED LAMP

  The quality is the pulse of the product, the guarantee of the market, as well as the life of the company. Lucky Light has a good reputation in its strict quality control. Furthermore, Lucky Light has passed the ISO 9001,QS 9000,ISO14001 and RoHS certification in succession, which is the best proof of the high quality of Lucky Light's products, as well as the optimal quality guarantee to the customers.

   With the strict and ceaseless improvement of the product quality and service level, Lucky Light's products spread all over the world, and are affirmed by many large factories by persevering in the quality control. And we are sure that we will be also your perfect business partner in the near future.


LED Lighting, Backlight Panels, Flashlights, Headlamps, Garden Lamps, Outdoor Lights, Streetlights, Work Lights, Underwater Lights, Outdoor Wall Lamps, LED, Bulbs, Tubes, Neon Bulbs, Crystal Lights


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