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We established company in October 1976. Since then we have produced scissors as main product.
Also, for the more applications of our industry, We have made the Optical products (CCTV Lens, HOME Video Lens etc) and Photoelectrical Goods (Marking System which usee LASER)
Not only do we search our main customer but also do we open up a new market such as foreign markets with endless potentiality and renewed our company as a specialized exporting company.
The reason of opening up abroad sales area is that we thought it would go up the level of our products.
Now we have grown as a specialized exporting company and we are exporting the 95% of our products to about 30 countries.
In 1992, we have got profits of 10 million dollars with only one item of Scissors. And to thisrea-son, we got the prize.
The optics business division was newly estab-lished in 1990. It has got the reputation as the best Lent maker in domestic area.
Recently, a lot of small companies emerged-into the market, more and more the competition is becoming fierce.
Thus we put more spurs for foreign market. And we acquired good reputation and profit in America and Taiwan.
Now we are trying to enter into the European - Market.
Based on the accumulated technology and - Know-how of scissors and optics business, wees-tablished Photoelectric Research in 1998. And we begun the optics business and now we make and sell the Laser marking machine which is applied to semi-conductor equipents and more markingappli-cation area.
Also, we have received a lot orders from the foremost semiconductor makers in domesticsuch as KEC (Korea Electronic Corporation), AMKOR, Kwang Electronics (AUK) and ASE.
In addition, for the entrance into foreign market, we take part in the famous overseas exhi-bition.
we got the certification as the promisingme-dium-sized company from Ministry fo Science & Technology and earned the authentication as a potential maker from the Industrial Bank of Korea.
And, we were designated as a promisingven-ture company by Small & Medium Business Admin-istration and got a prize from Prime Minister, Minister of Commerce & Industry and a Mayor of In-cheon city.


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