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Kingsun Photoelectricity Co., Ltd is a member of the Working Group of the Chinese LED Technology Standard, and the unique cooperative partner of the LED field of Tsinghua University. The Group has a plant area of over 200,000 sqm and more than 4,000 employees. Its products include LED lights, LED decorative lights, solar LED lights, etc. In early 2007, Tsinghua University and Kingsun Group achieved the cooperation in "industrialization, teaching and research" by jointly setting up the LED Technology and Application Research Institute and making great investment in setting up LED packaging plant at the international leading level. It has always maintained the domestic leading level in the packaging and application of LED lights and formed the strategic alliance with the top international chip suppliers to become the first enterprise to realize the large-scale production of the high-power LED lights; Kingsun Group has nearly 100 core patents with independent intellectual property rights ( 9 national patents, 16 utility model patents and 8 appearance patents on LED street lamps are being processed), and established Dongguan Municipal LED Technology and Application Engineering Center and Guangdong Provincial LED Technology and Application Engineering Center(Guangdong Provincial Key Industry Special Project, the State 863 Program, China Torch Program and the State-level LED Technology and Application Engineering Center are in application ). Kingsun Photoelectricity will become the core industry and main business of the listed company, and grow into a top brand in the world photoelectric industry in the areas of green lighting and energy-saving, and bring the development of the Group to a new height!


LED Streetlights, Decorative Lights, Solar Lamps, LED Displays, Christmas Lights, Wires & Cables


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