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Lan river illumination located in a great man sun yat sen

native district — chung shan city,Abut fame Man cosmic famous

illumination delivered of base — Ku town;Lan river

illuminationgather. LEDPhotoelectric the compose of product ,.

Develop ,.Delivered of ,. Market ,. Furnish ,. After service for

all-in-one comprehensive high technology enterprise,And has the

automated production of advanced Ho checkout equipment,Allover

boot. ISO9001:2000Mass administer system,Superb ,. The develop of

hi-tech troop,For ample consumer provide quality distinguished


Company major product has:LEDLamp bring,LEDTile

lamp,LEDFencing wall lamp,LEDBalustrade lamp, LEDAglow model

block lamp,LEDLamp cup, LEDAdumbration lamp,LEDBury

lamp,LEDTercet lamp,LEDHigh-power bright lamp,LEDSeven colors

discolor chase digital lamps. , LEDRoad landscape lamp,LEDLamp

bundle, LEDAd lamp. , LEDFoundation lamp. , LEDFlexible hose

lamp,LEDLaser lamp. ,LE DNight scene jacklight, LEDAdonize

lamp,LEDDiscolor bracket lamp. , LEDAglow Kuan, LEDScreen wall

lamp, LEDLawn lamp,LEDIs in a poor light and so on. , Just for

construction Shang provide book make all kinds distinctive.

LEDProduct.My company professional develop delivered of.

LEDSeries illumination product adopt high-test. LEDChip and.

PCKuan timber,Resistance to impact ,. Resist ageing ,. Prevent

ultraviolet ,. Age long ,. Conserve energy ,. Color and lustre

beautiful ,. Performance equability ,. Low loss ,. Low

maintain,Is new generation green the illumination of

environmental protection product.Comprehensive used for park ,.

Fencing wall ,. Bridge ,. Edifice ,. Floor body adumbration ,.

Step street air corridor ,. Ad brand and so on,city bright

changethe first choice of construction product.


Fiberoptic Lamps, LED Spotlights, LED Unground Lamp, LED Underwater Lamp, LEDS, LED Displays


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