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The company introduces the victory Pu company is a dedicated LED control technology research and development utilization and the ELD lamps and lanterns product design production to a body high new technical enterprise. The company receives "the responsibility, the service, the study, the innovation, the consummation, is perfect" six big guiding ideology, persisted "innovation service, good faith cooperation" the market management idea, continuously is devoting to the company qualified becomes "the LED light environment to control the expert", diligently initiates the LED profession "the technical illumination" to utilize the new standard, has enabled us the friend to become outstanding "the LED control using the expert, the LED effect supposes 主计the expert" for many years to pass through the good field friend' s unceasing support, the company that wrap which researches and develops from 2005 "has one" s wish" the LED computer intelligence control system, passes through seven times of unceasing consummations, The system control mode has at present reached ten kind of different controls patterns, moreover the systems control function also changes extremely formidable. These years, through this system unceasing innovation utilization, from the original LED numerical code tube screen, the LED picture element screen, the LED curtain wall screen, the LED video frequency numerical code tube, the LED imaginary color serissa fetida, the LED imaginary color horse race belt, develop to at present develop the product also to have LED to spurt meet the screen, the LED neon light advertisement screen, the LED video frequency advertisement character source, the LED list 色条screen, the LED double-base 色条screen, as well as under the video frequency control system control LED entire color electron display monitor series product, in order to unceasingly satisfy the customer the demand, the company will promote "is handy" and "dramatically" other both sides set of control system and the product. Extremely thank persons from all walks of life"s unceasing support and the suggestion! Honestly hoped the general customers friend visits the instruction and the cooperation! Company"s development goal: The customer becomes the LED corona to control the expert!


LED Displays, Downlights, Light Tubes


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