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Shenzhen Ainiya Optical & Electical Co., Ltd., a private hi-tech enterprise, integrates R&D, manufacturing, sales and engineering service of LED display system. Dominated by experienced experts of R&D of display system and engineers of computer network, we have collected excellent talents of management and sales so as to boost our capability of specialized and modernized operation and management. With an independent permit of import and export, we have extensively developed international cooperation and explored market in Europe, America, Korea and Middle East.

A huge investment has been used to create a manufacturing base with capacity of international competition. We have imported state-of-art production facilities, such as SMT plant, double wave-crest plant, plug-in plant, stub cutting machine, color scanner, light gun, etc.

Over twenty types of products made by Anya have been a complete series utilized in outdoor or indoor location with videotext and camera system, such as airport, transport station, bank, stock exchange, stadium, intelligent traffic, advertising, electric power, commerce, telecommunication, hospital , etc.

Strategic Objective
To create a world-class enterprise and a world well-known brand

Enterprise Concept
Credibility, pragmatic and customer' s satisfaction are our goal.

Company Prospect
To be the most trustworthy engineering service supplier in the field of LED display and produce an international sales platform of a warehousing management.

Management Policy
Based on human
In Anya, human resources are fundamental. We deeply believe that only talented human resources are able to provide customer with competent service, so any talent in Anya are respected and provided with a good opportunity and stage to display themselves.

Customer is God
Customer' s requirement is prior to anything.

Development Strategy
Standing in the application field of LED display system, Anya is engaged in enhancing its operation and management, expanding R&D and application of new technology to extend product value, develop key business of system integration and city lighting engineering related with LED display.

LED display made by Anya has been exported home and abroad. Our offices have been launched in every municipal city of China, which are helpful to communicate with customers. We believe our untouchable operation concept and professional service team can provide you with complete service. Our LED display is widely used in IT industries, special industries like sports, traffic, civil aviation, financing, medical treatment, education, industry, banking, securities, telecommunication, industrial control and ad medium, labor market, taxation and port of technical supervision, and for cross industries of information release, medium programming and information service.


LED Displays, Fiberoptic Lamps


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