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As a professional LED Bulb Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter with a Factory in Taiwan and China,
our main products include Auto Bulb, LED Strip, Replacement Bulb, LED Light Bulb, LED Bulb and Auto Lamp.
We provide you with high quality LED Bulb products and Excellent buy services.
Enquiries from global wholesalers, distributors, buyers, agents, and LED Bulb OEM/ODM are welcome.

If you are interested in any item of our high quality LED Bulb products, please feel free to Contact Us.
We would like to be your reliable LED Bulb Manufacturer.
Advanced equipment and professional workforce ensure our products to meet the client is requirement.
Our manufacturing facility and high volume production keep the price at very competitive level, speedy production and timely delivery is our service commitment to clients.
With possesses a team of professionals from diverse corporate and technical backgrounds and experience, providing a plethora of expertise across a broad spectrum of industries.

We understand our client' s business environment and operations from an overall perspective, as well as the technical side. All of these, including our consistent R&D investment keep us a foothold in world's competitive market.

We will cherish the opportunity and take the challenge with confidence in the new century.
With years of experience in the line of manufacturing Auto Bulb, LED Lamp, Replacement Bulb, LED Light Bulb, LED Bulb and Auto Lamp, etc., we have established ourselves as one of Taiwan's leading brands.


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