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Maxcomm is an international communication products supplier, joined with its strategic partners alliance to develop, produce and market products of Telecommunication, Networking, and Satellite with economic offer to clients worldwide.

Vision: Communication without barrier
Continuos innovation makes our products closer to the competitive edge. We want to provide economic & affordable solution to break down the barriers and high-cost of communication.

Quality: Communication for the best quality
Quality Control is strictly done by IQC/QC/QA teams and all production processes comply all the regulation of ISO9002. Regular QC/Production meetings are held every week for tracking and improvement.

Service: Communication without time delay
We have a commitment to customer service. Every MaxComm employees & partner is dedicated to providing the best satisfaction of our clients


Communication Products, Mobile Phone, Smart Phone, Celluar Phone, VoIP Gateway, Gateway, Router, GSM Fixed Cellular Terminal, CDMA Fixed Wireless Terminal, Wireless Booster Repeater, Billing Meter, 3G Hsdpa Usb Modem, Payphone, GSM CDMA Fixed Wireless Terminal, GSM CDMA Fixed Wireless Telephone Fax

Company: MAXCOMM CO., LTD.

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