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Charng Guey has been more than 43 years since we established our business in 1966. From the beginning to this date, we are devoting our business to develop the screw making machines. We always innovate the machinery in this field from time to time. In view of the bad labor shortage, and high labor wages in the screw production industry in Taiwan and the expensive material cost, Mr. Li, president of the company, and engineers of our development department developed a high speed automatic thread rolling machine in 1992. The production capacity is 2 times stronger than the conventional type of machine. Moreover, it can work together with the bolt former by one-to-one basis. It is not only able to promote production capacity and quality, but also able to be labor-saving and space-saving.

We have distributing networks in about 20 countries as Europe, countries in South- East Asia, and South America. And in future, we will also make an effort to design and innovate thread rolling machines with our know how in this field in order to create another miracle as 〝Taiwan screw kingdom〞!


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