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Domas Hardware Co., LTD. was set up in 1970. We are leading manufacturer of FINE BLANKING components.Domas is fully equipped to meet your demands for low unit cost and high precision quality.In normal stamping, one product is produced with one to third course, sheared edges are not completed straight-cut. If it has thickness tobe unable slightly to process completely. Also, about the eyelet design, possibly needs to drill a hole again.Domas has manay experience to impove it.High quality and low price. Cleanly sheared and straigt-cut edges. Rolled stock strength. Excellent Flatness.

---We can make parts by following manufacturing process according to your drawings or samples!---Stamping& Punching: material thickness: under 8.0mm

---Our workers operate according to working instruction when they make the parts.

---Our inspectors inspect parts according to inspection instruction with controlled drawings in every manufacturing processes, so you can be sure the unqualified parts will not reach you.

---Parts can be delivered with accurate quantity on time.over 10 years experience in stamping, punching, pressing, fineblanking.

Acceptable material: Carbon steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminum

For capability of designing toolings and make toolings.

We can accept both 2D and 3D drawings in CAD, Solidworks etc.

OEM are welcome.


Fine Blanking, Sprockets, Gear, Seat Belt, Buckle, Seat Belt Buckle Tongue, Auto Parts, Motocycle Parts, Fine Blanking Parts


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