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Since the formation of the core development members in 1993, Photic Electronics (PEC) has been one of the more dedicated companies in the research and development of products in automotive optoelectronic and digital signal processing in the area of Vehicle Safety Vision Systems. With the official establishment of the company in 1999, PEC is a company dedicated to the integration of their latest technologies into vehicle’s safety, in hopes of reinforcing the security of automobile owners.

Of the various products manufactured, the one defining line of technology which PEC made is none other than Vehicle Reversal Monitoring devices. Ranging from alignment cameras created for ease of parking to the warning sensors developed for the safety of both the drivers and the pedestrians, PEC’s vehicle reversal products are currently patented in various countries including the United States, Taiwan, Japan and mainland China.

Abiding by the standards which the company has built over the years, PEC continues to create high-quality products that live up to the firm’s quality reputation. With new upgrades retrofitted to their well-received products, PEC will release a new line of products to their lines. Upgraded products such as digital video recorders, collision avoidance systems and lane departure warning systems are currently under development to be unveiled to customers old and new.

With customers including internationally acclaimed automobile manufacturers such as Toyota, Nissan and Mitsubishi Motors, PEC has established office branches across North America and mainland China to provide customers with quality customer support. Products seen in many of the vehicles both old and new are guaranteed to be from the hands of PEC experts. In the future, PEC not only aims to continue its long tradition of quality guarantees, but also wishes to develop more innovative products that will benefit the general public.


LCD Monitor, CCD Camera, Control Box Transformer, Rear View System

Address: 9th Fl., 35 Shintai Rd., Jubel City, Hsinchu Hsien, Taiwan 302
Telephone: 886-3-553-9688
Fax: 886-3-553-2051
URL: www.photic.com.tw

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