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iaimao CO., LTD.


Iaimao’s core technology is integrated lighting ceramic Heat transfer + Optical + Mechanical + Electrical elements, Iaimao is developer who produce ceramic Heat transfer technology, this is the major mission what Iaimao stand for, although Iaimao has concentrate with competitive manufacturing process to become the Green energy + Energy saving + Mechanical supplier.

Iaimao’s major elements are Heat recovery + Optical + Mechanical + Electrical = HOME, and Green energy + Energy saving + Mechanical. Globe is our HOME, Iaimao will take you to the new technology for professional Solar & Lighting (Green & Save) applications. We make your life like GEM.


Green Work Light with Brilliant Potential, Green Product, Portable LED Work Light, Foldable Solar Rechargers, LED Work Lights, Watercraft Lighting, LED Work Light for Car/Motor.Bike Repair Shop, LED Work Light for Construction Sites, LED Work Light for Farms, LED Work Light for Recreational Areas, LED Work Light for Engineers, LED Work Light for Technicians, LED Work Light for Explorers, LED Work Light for Archaeologists, LED Work Light for Photographers, LED Work Light for Mountain Bikers

Company: iaimao CO., LTD.

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