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Founded in February 2010, Shinyu Light specializes in the R&D, design, manufacture and branding of a wide variety of energy-saving and environmental-friendly LED lighting fixtures and has an excellent management and R&D team led by GM Xie Dongjie. Shinyu Light has also obtained patents for comprehensive applications and inventions.
Due to the special properties of LED, well-designed cooling solutions can effectively extend the lifespan and increase the luminance of LEDs. With the rise of the concept of energy conservation, our R&D team has made cooling technology as the prime target, in order to develop more and better LED lighting fixtures through increasing effort. With the new technologies developed, we will produce more energy-saving and environmental-friendly lighting fixtures, in order to bring people a more comfortable environment and a green lifestyle.


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Number of Total Employees: 50
Year Established: 2010
Export Market: Global
Brand Name: ShinyU
Capital (USD): 2億
Business Type: Manufacturer, Retailer
Competitive Advantages:  The products have the best thermal conductivity and heat dissipation design with high thermal efficiency and uniform temperature plate. They have a low temperature, low lumen depreciation, and a long lifetime (SGS report: after 6,000 hours of lighting with 150W, Lumen maintenance factor is 100.7%)

 The optimal light distribution curve design (non-aging glass lens) have an integrated single point light source which effectively controls light shape with no ghosting, uniform illumination, and no waste of light.

 Unique LED package and die bonding technology provides ultra-low thermal resistance, die bonding technology, fast thermal conductivity, and high reliability.
 The lighting engine is modular, lightweight, miniaturized, and has better heat dissipation. Heat sink fins can be made lighter and smaller.
 Flexible shape design makes heat dissipation module smaller and matches various existing lamp designs.

 Simple mechanism, less failure, IP68 protection grade, and durable competitive maintenance cost can improve investment efficiency.
Approvals / Certifications: Company Patent:

 Light-emitting diode lamp
 LED Lamps
 Heat dissipation LED luminaire (high power)
 Optical and heat-dissipating structures of LED lighting device
 Heat sink device
 Down lights with heat dissipation structure
 Reflective cup structure (15 degrees)
 High bay light structure (E40 streamline type)
 Light engine reflector cup (10 degrees)

 ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System Certificate
 Bureau of Standard, Metrology, and Inspection (BSMI) - Commodity Verification Login Certificate
 Energy Saving Certificate, Bureau of Energy, Ministry of Economic Affairs
 CNS 15233(6pages)
 CE
 UL
 TUV_PSB Singapore
 SGS test 6000HRS Zero lumen depreciation
 IP68
 Salt spray test report
 Street light wind pressure test
 Test data for low temperature (-40 degrees C) lighting for 168HRS
 LM-79
 Explosion-proof lamp certification
 CNS Ex dm IIB T4
 FCC certificate
 LED Lighting Facts® U.S. LED lighting products energy efficiency certification
 UL LED Street Light
 Test report for Lumen maintenance factor
 Level 17 wind tunnel test

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