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EMEME designs and builds robot cleaners that make an elegant home.
EMEME Robot Co., Ltd was established in 2010 and financially fully supported by LOTES, a listed company in Taiwan and top-notch in connector industry. EMEME’s corporate headquarter is located in New Taipei City, Taiwan and its production factories are situated in Guangzhou, China. In 2011, EMEME had its first robot cleaner, Tulip100, released in the consumer services robots market in Taiwan. Observing its market slogan, “For your cleaning, for your touching!” Tulip100, as well as all the staff in EMEME, has spared no efforts to make our customers’ domestic life a little easier. With its decent outlook and patented cleaning process, in less than one year, Tulip100 literally ranked top 3 in home robot vacuum market shares in Taiwan. And now it is our aim to explore worldwide home robot vacuum markets. Our ultimate vision is to fulfill the dream of “a robot in every family.” Any business potentials or cooperation opportunities in this way are welcome to talk and we would be very interested and delighted to find out any business possibilities with you.


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