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Created by a group of entrepreneurs with engineering background in 2000, Betterly LLC has evolved into a diversified high-tech company that integrates the cutting-edge research of new chemical materials into production and distribution. Headquartered in Dongguan, Guangdong, China, the corporate occupies 20,000 square yard, total of 400 million CNY investment, with more than 500 employees. Three affiliated branches consist of: Hongkong Betterly Technology Exploitation Limited, Dongguan City Betterly New Materials Co.,Ltd., Suzhou City Betterly Polymer Chemicals Co., Ltd.

As a global electronic button chemical material, new silicone chemicals material, electronic chemicals polymers, energy-saving and environmental protection chemicals supplier, our revenue stays well above that of our competitors. Since we established, Betterly owns patents on technologies such as: conductive silver paste for touch screen, chemicals used in the solar cell, LED encapsulation silicone rubber, silicone and plastic paint and coat etc. Among these patents, one stellar application is the halogen-free conductive silver paste and LED encapsulation silicone rubber which were the first product that filled a blank market in China. Betterly’s products are demanded and favored on both International market and Chinese market. Our strategic partner include renowned mobile telecommunication companies, who we formed a pact and technology partnership with. We are among the first-tier suppliers of mobile equipment material for these companies.

Betterly LLC values product quality as the fundamental for the survival and thriving of a corporation. We have passed ISO9001:2008, ISO14001:2004, OHSAS18001:2007, and is recognized as “Green Enterprise” by Pony Test. Founded in 2000, Betterly is a research-oriented enterprise dedicated to the development of high-tech products. On its research exploration, it has invested tens-of-millions and established: Guangdong Electronic Chemical Engineering and Technology R & D Center,Dongguan New Silicone Materials Engineering and Technology R & D Center,Wuxi Touch Screen Chemical R & D Center. Betterly employs over 200 researchers, 700 sets of research equipments, and is constantly expanding its human resources plus research equipments.Up until now, Betterly owns 18 patents, among which 12 are Invention Patents. Also has more than 10 pending patents in the process of audition. Many of these patents have been implemented into actual products. As a long term strategy, it is actively involved in research cooperation with Zhejiang University, Wuhan University, Nanchang University, South China University of Technology, at the same time seeking to employ talented individuals from these universities. We believe this strategy will immensely increase our competitiveness and stand out from the competition.

Betterly has now expanded its partnership to more regions and reached more customers than it ever had.Our business strategy and research strength fits the big trend of the modern world. We believe that “Eclectic Innovation” is a solution to solve the greatest challenges in our environment.Through collaboration with scholars, government, enterprises and organizations, we aim to seek newer and better methodologies, to contribute technological innovation and protection for the ever increasing world population. We also endeavor to contribute to a Better, Safer and Robust future.


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