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We are one of the well-reputed wrench/spanner manufacturers in Taiwan , established in 1981. The experiences accumulated in the two decays have facilitated us in providing our clients with quality services, reasonable pricing and punctual delivery. Concentrating on high quality wrenches for industrial or garage use, our products are in professional grade with life time guarantee. If you concern much on quality goods for durable and long term business, Ra Che is the right supplier for you. We are always here for those customers who aim high in quality level. In addition to our regular ranges, OEM cases are also welcome. There are a lot of flexibilities in cooperating with us. That’s why we keep standing still in Taiwan despite that a lot of clients or manufacturers have transferred to India wrenches. But, still there are customers prefer us for our quality products and R&D ability in product development and packaging idea.

Our products have been promoted world widely. There are ANSI specification wrenches (PR type), DIN specification wrenches (German type), Bahco type, Extra Long type; satin or mirror finishes, laser or stamped logos are available. If you are interested in some novelty in wrenches, try our color code wrenches for size reorganization. This is new finish for useful and fancy purpose. In additions, we have rapid function of combination wrenches which save much of your energy while working.

Please contact us for the full detail of our products. We would be very pleased to furnish the information for you any time.


Open-end Wrenches, Ratchet Box Wrenches, Combination Wrenches, Speed Wrenches


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